When you grow up baptized in salt water and loving every summer moment of every too hot, too long day, Independence Day becomes a major thing in your life. It’s a play hooky day for everyone to have an excuse to be outside, grill out and be together with the climax being a big fireworks show over your favorite waterside view.

So when some dear friends reached out about doing a style shoot a la Independence Day, who were we to refuse?

Here is our recipe for the perfect event:

1. You’ll need a big porch. Let’s face it, in July in Charleston, you could burn in 15 minutes, so the shade is critical to actually surviving the day. We loved everything about this one with how deep it was for seating a serving but also, those red doors could not be any more perfect!

2. No one does anything without a drink in their hand so have something for everyone. For this time of year, we keep it light, fresh and, most importantly, COLD. Keep in mind, champagne is amazing with just about anything, so why anyone would ever leave it out is beyond me!

3. Bunting- don’t host a holiday without it. There is just something so vintage and fun about wrapping your entire house in red white and blue. We got this bunting and instantly wanted to go crazy with it. Why not surround the entire porch with it?

4. Keep it fresh. Fresh flowers, fresh ice for sure, fresh food. When it’s warm, keep things as light and fresh as possible so guest are relaxed and rejuvenated and not weighted down by the heat.

5. Food…durh! We all know we’ve been to the party that required a stop at the drive through after. Don’t be that hostess! On a laid back event, making things grabbable (it’s a word) and fun are the way to go. The talent at Hamby got the heavier side of the menu covered with a fantastic biscuit bar, but the smaller portions allowed people to graze and not feel like things were too much to handle. The ways to prepare your very own piece of biscuit heaven would definitely have you taking more than one, though!

6. Friends matter most! Keep everyone comfy with lost of seating, plenty of food and drink and your own tall tales of the party from the year before, and you are destined for success.

Cheers Y’all!

Partners in Crime: Hamby Catering * Black Southern Belle * Draper James * Southern Season * Ruth’s House * Stephanie Gibbs Events * Sasha Nicholas * EventHAUS * Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

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