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Buckle up friends, because this one is enough to make you swoon! Maybe just nonchalantly share it around so that someone in your life gets what needs to go into to making the BIG ASK personal.

Daniel’s story when we first chatted almost seemed unreal. His love for Hannah-Beth and his vision for their lives together was simply beautiful. When you love like a movie, it makes complete sense to find and epic movie proposal scenario to go with it.

These two have a special connection to the Notebook, and Charleston makes for a perfect Notebook setting. Initially we had everything planned for the swan scene (minus the swans)- a row boat in Cypress Gardens with strings hidden in the trees to strike up and play the score just when he’s ready to do it. Then, October came, and our cherished Cypress was devastated by the floods and would be closed for quite a bit.

All hope was not to be lost, however, and their storybook has an even better ending! It really doesn’t get any better than Noah and Ally’s house for the backdrop of a grand romantic gesture. For Daniel’s part, he took things over the top by writing his love a letter every day for a year, just as Noah did, and shipped those letters from England. It was as if we were protecting the holy grail when that box arrived.

The day came. Daniel awakened Hannah-Beth early one morning and stuck her on a plane to sights unknown. As the car retrieved them at Charleston airport, she still had no idea where they were headed. They sat nervously riding through forest and wetland, and finally happened upon a clearing with a “docent” greeting them and mentioning while they toured the property, they would be filmed for a marketing video being made.

As they rounded the corner and saw the house, she began to grow teary and excited. Proceeding out onto the dock, the strings began to play and I watched through the trees thinking this was better than any film. In true movie fashion, Daniel asked her what their favorite moment in the movie was, and as she answered with “Why didn’t you write me?” He pointed out the letters, pulled the ring from the box they were in, and dropped to one knee.

After reveling in the moment, he escorted his sweet bride-to-be to the veranda and the two had the sweetest little picnic with a gorgeous view, to boot, but the fun didn’t stop there.

Once again, Hannah-Beth was whisked away. This time they turned on to a busy street, King Street to be exact, and pulled up to see her own movie on the marquee. The rest of their weekend was spent experiencing the movie through the Post House, their room at William Aiken House, and just fun all around.

Cheers from Yoj, you two, and the happiest of happily-ever-afters!

Friends who made it possible: Yoj Events, Taylor Rae Photography, Caviar and Bananas, Absolutely Charleston, EventHAUS, Polished Tabletop, Sweetgrass Properties, BBJ Linen, Classical Charleston, Matthew Suchodolski Video, Patrick Properties Hospitality Group, Old Village Post House, Branch Design Studio

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