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Happy New Year, friends!

Is it just me, or is it a little mind-blowing that it’s already 2017?! Aren’t we supposed to have, like, flying cars and self-tying sneakers by now?? In any case, I’m just glad the 21st century has blessed us with Netflix. Hallelujah.

Speaking of the new year, we knew our first story of 2017 had to be fabulous. We love grand entrances here at Yoj!

This beautiful couple is beautiful in every sense of the word, inside and out. So full of love and selflessness. Truly a power couple!

Originally from the NE, the two first met their freshman year in college. They dated for a few years, and in 2014, Leo romantically asked the big question during a get-away in Brazil, his home country. After years of dating and a long engagement, you can just imagine how thrilling it was that the long-awaited day was here at last!

" …I saw dozens of candles and rose petals scattered ahead of me. As I rounded the corner, a small orchestra of local children started playing a sweet serenade and Leo got down on one knee in front of of me. He said he would promise three things: he would make me smile, keep me safe, and make me feel loved everyday of our life together.”

Pre-ceremony, guests enjoyed “Chup Chup,” ice pops originally concocted by Leo’s Brazilian Grandpa Quito. It was a sweet way to allow guests to combat the September heat while incorporating sentimental and original pieces for their precious company to experience.

Cat and Leo planned a surprise treat for guests at the ceremony: seated undercover throughout the crowd were the soulful singers of the Voices of Eden Gospel Choir. At the given time, they emerged and walked to their positions at the front all while singing “Stay with You.” The last few groomsmen took their places and the ceremony commenced.

" We let the natural elements of our surroundings serve as the decor, adding small elements like rose petals along aisle and a garland hung on one of the low arching branches as modest accents to an already gorgeous space. We had a fantastic choir – Voices of Eden – there with us and their harmonic voices carried us up and down the aisle. Everything about the ceremony was so perfect in its simplicity.”

On one of the giant wooden entrance doors, a large antique scroll hung for guests to find their seats with ease. Then, the company would make their way to the dock for cocktails, where the sleepy Carolina sky and silent waters waited.

The decor of the day reflected more of a natural, European feel. The outside was brought in with delicate greenery at every turn. Mahogany farm tables were the perfect pick to go with the earthy theme. I am just in love with their taste in decor!

" The side lawn, with its view of the oaks, Spanish moss and horse pasture, collectively capture so much romance and beauty. It’s what drew us to Charleston in the first place and ultimately why we chose Boone Hall as the place where we were to be married.”

Cat is a big fan of Edison bulbs, and the couple loved the beautiful high beams of the Cotton Dock. So, to take advantage of the fine architecture, the favored bulbs were hung from the gorgeous wooden beams, adding a certain character in the day light and another in the night. When the sun said good night, and bulbs and candles were lit, the whole place glowed like a dream you’d never want to end.

Cat and Leo stole small, tender affections throughout the entire night. Sweet little gestures to let the other know they were there and they were loved- a hug from behind, a hand on the back, a kiss just because. Finally their day was here and they were one at last. Sweet relief.

" The Cotton Dock decor was just so beautiful, especially into the evening. The hanging garden pieces, the greenery embellishing the fireplace, the voile and candles affixed down the center of the tables. The uplighting along the walls add a bit of drama but was also so elegant. There was a moment during that reception where Leo and I just stared in awe at the environment we created (with the help and creativity of YOJ) and we were just so humbled by the beauty of it.”

It seemed as though it wasn’t just Cat and Leo that become one that day. It truly was like one big happy family, where the two separate families became one whole.

And that makes all the difference, don’t you think?

Cheers to Cleo and cheers to 2017!

The best is yet to come.

xo, Gina

Event Coordination & Design: Yoj Events • Ceremony & Reception Location: Boone Hall • Florals: Branch Design Studio • Photography: Lauren Kinsey • Catering: Cru Catering • Cake: ABCD • Rentals: Snyder Events, Eventhaus • Reception Music: Darby Events • Ceremony Music: Voices of Eden Gospel Choir Calligraphy: Penned by Palmer • Transportation: Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co. • Hair & Makeup: Charlotte Belk • Officiant: Monsignor John Paddo

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