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Ryann and David met in October 2015 on a double blind date. Their mutual friend, named Megan, who turned out to be Ryann's maid of honor introduced them and set up this double date with someone she had met online. Megan's date went atrociously. The man was late and made a series of degrading statements. On the bright side, Ryann and David hit it off!

David previously had bad luck with dating since every girl he had gone on dates with could only speak about their love for all things Disney. David was relieved to meet someone like Ryann, who was looking into a doctorate in education in New England. He knew the second that he met her that they were going to be married. Within a month of the date they began officially dating, within nine months they were engaged and within a year and a half it was time for the wedding!

On June 24th Ryann Warlick and David Carter became Mr. and Mrs. Carter at the St Michael's Church in downtown Charleston. They both loved the idea of a traditional southern wedding. David was raised in Laurens, South Carolina and had a deep passion for football, bourbon and shrimp and grits. They joined the St. Michael's Church as members the previous December and fell in love with the church as a community. T

Ryann and David have very different political views, Ryann is Democrat while David is Republican. David's parents are big Trump supporters, Ryann's father was a Bernie supporter but both of her parents are liberals!

As David is in politics, a lot of their wedding guests are politicians. Choosing to be intelligent and respectful of their differences, a big part of their wedding was the incorporation of both political views. During the song "shout",instead of the usual, division by gender, they divided up by political party. There were a lot more Republicans, but there were some Democrats. And everyone got along. They also had a huge wedding party and everyone had a wonderful time.

Ryann and David have many differences in their upbringing, which they like to joke about:

Ryann's father is a treky (Star Trek fan), and her mother is an environmentalist. David's father (and David) hunt and his mother enjoys cross stitch. She was raised a Methodist but did not attend church regularly. David was raised an Independent Baptist. David went Greek in college, Ryann did not. David went to a private school for college, Ryann went to a public school.

David is a Republican and Ryann a Democrat. Despite all their differenced Ryann and David are the perfect match and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them! Wishing you both all the best.


Yoj Team

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