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With summer in full swing here in Charleston, we are dreaming of drinking the most delicious cocktails on a beach somewhere!! The YOJ Team cannot be more excited for our lovely couples to wed and escape after their big day to the most amazing spots to celebrate being newly weds... so jealous! But, in case you haven't quite decided yet on a place to get away, we crafted a list of our current favorite honeymoon spots.


Photo: The Telegraph

Located in the Indian Ocean just below India and Sri Lanka, this cluster of 1,190 individual islands (yes...1,190!!!) is perfect for your intimate getaway in warmer climates. From sun bathing, lounging in your private villa, swimming in the crystal clear waters, visiting the glow in the dark beach, to snorkeling underneath some of the islands, it is your perfect laid back adventure.


Photo: Wild at Heart

Adventurous couples, this ones for you! This warm destination gives you plenty of options on both ends of the scale. If you're looking to picnic in botanical gardens, escape for a bit in a hot air balloon, devour some delicious seafood, or shark-cage diving, this gorgeous spot has your name all written all over it!


Photo: Pinterest

This gorgeous views holds more than just hiking in the mountains or swimming in the waters. Our summer months are their winter months, so keep that in mind! Queenstown offers so many adventures like a cruise on Lake Wakatipu in either a steamship or catamaran, exploring their wineries by car or bike, taking a helicopter ride to one of the glaciers, sky diving + canyon swinging, and plenty more!


Photo: Brides Magazine

Back in October, Brides Magazine wrote an article "10 Reasons Croatia Is So Hot Right Now", and we could not agree more. Whether you are interested in a picturesque getaway, somewhere full of history, the most amazing beaches to swim or sunbathe, mouthwatering cuisine, delicious wine, or all of the above Croatia will serve it all to you on a silver platter (not literally, unless you prefer!)


Photo: Last Minute

With a colder climate, Amsterdam is perfect for the couples looking to escape warm weather. This beautiful place is filled with museums such as the Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh Museum, brewery tours, canal tours, endless amounts of different delicious cuisine options, as well as a great night life. Also, if you're looking to surprise your love with flowers, the flower market is definitely the place to go!


Photo: Kuoni

A beach full of friendly monkeys, anyone?! Thailand's culture is suitable for the adventurous, the luxury seeking, the calm and peaceful, just about any couple can find their hearts desire here. With beaches galore, there is one to fit whichever mood you are in. If you aren't looking to sunbathe the whole time, we completely understand! There are grand palaces to visit, breathtaking waterfalls to explore, elephants nature park sanctuary, and fine dining to devour.

Udaipur, India

Photo: Trans India Holidays

Feeling hot anyone?! Udaipur is known

as India's "Lake City" which is perfect because stays pretty hot here year round! Taking a dip in the stunning surrounding lake is perfect scenery for a romantic escape. If you're ready to see it all here, they have sunset boat cruises on Lake Pichola or even a ropeway to get an aerial view encompassing all there is to see.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Photo: Imgur

While this photo of Reykjavik is breathtaking, there is so much more to this place than snow! Beyond these sights, there are black sand beaches to see, the blue lagoon to soak in (stays at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit!), the Northern Lights to marvel upon, and lots of puffins to see! It stays pretty cold there year round, so we would recommend packing your warmest jackets and boots!


Photo: Passport Health

Is it too pretty to be true?! Absolutely not! Antigua and all of it's beauty is waiting for you and your spouse to relax, eat, see all of the sights, maybe all of the above! Half Moon Bay is where you will find pink shell sands, Mount Obama (yes, you heard right!) is for all of the nature lovers and explorers, Papa Zouk's is for the Caribbean cuisine lovers, and Antigua's donkey sanctuary is for the animal lovers! We are so ready to pack our bags for this adventure of a lifetime! One of our lead planners actually honeymooned here, so it is YOJ approved x2!!

Santorini, Greece

Photo: Eat Work Travel

With it's unbelievable sunsets and stunning white washed villas, how could you not want to visit?! With it's unique red and black sand beach, fun and quick scooter rides to your next adventure, and visiting the ancient sites, Santorini will never grow boring.

We would love to hear where you honeymooned and if you loved it so much you would go again, or pick a different spot for your next intimate getaway maybe for an anniversary or just because!


The YOJ Team

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