From the moment your guests receive the save the date for your wedding, the excitement begins to grow. Everyone begins to wonder what kind of food will be served, what music will be played, what the wedding will look like, and they begin to countdown the days!

You want to make it a great experience for them as well as a day to remember for you and your spouse. You begin to brainstorm just how to make it a memorable night for them, so when the night is over they think “wow, that was such a fun wedding”. One great way to make it special for them is a favor they are able to take home and remember the night every time they look at that item! Wedding favors have began to evolve, become more personalized, and then there are the timeless ones that we think may stick around for quite a while! We have put together some of our favorite wedding favors we have seen, and hope this helps our future couples with inspiration!!

Candlefish Personalized Candles

With these perfectly customizable candles, you can give your guests a special and scintillating scent that will spark wonderful memories from your wedding. Not only can you create your own formula, you can customize the labels with your name, the date, or any other details you may want!

Bulls Bay Charleston Sea Salt

A Charleston wedding accompanied by Charleston Sea Salt? This is a wonderful way to thank your guests for entering this new phase of life with you and your partner.This symbolic little bottle of salt thanks them for adding flavor to your life while you help do the same… with the help of Charleston!

Stone Coasters

A lovely and simple favor would be some stone coasters! The stone gives it a nice antique look that will last for years. You can find and customize them any way you’d like!

Charleston’s Own Stone Ground Grits

Who doesn’t love grits? Only people who haven’t tried Charleston’s grits! Make everyone at your wedding happy with their own little bag of classic grits. It’s a Charleston staple. Whether you’re a Charleston native or traveling all the way from the West Coast you’re going to love these grits!

Personalized Koozies

You can’t go wrong with personalized koozies! These are great because they pay homage to your hometown or destination wedding while having your personal touch on the other side

Charleston Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy… another Charleston favorite! Your guests don’t have to wait until they get home to rip this bag open. They can enjoy these sweet but salty candies as the party is coming to an end. What a nice way to end the day, don’t you think?

Charleston Soap Chef Mini Soaps

The Charleston Soap Chef is a local soap company that will always take you back to the warm feeling of walking down our historic streets. They’re also made with natural ingredients, so they’re soft on skin. Treat your guests with these adorable little soaps!

Charleston Benne Wafers

Benne Wafers go way back in Charleston. The benne seed arrived in Charleston in the 18th century and has been a salty sweet staple ever since! These wafers are a delicious way to say thank you to your guests while giving them some Charleston history at the same time.

Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits are truly adorable and a way to keep the party going! It doesn’t matter when your guests want to crack these open… that’s the beauty of these travel size kits. They’re a lot of fun in a small package!

ABCD Macaroons

Ashley Brown Cake Design is based in Charleston, and she is so talented! Her customizable macaroons will add so much flavor and creativity to your wedding. You can put your initials, date, or any design that you like! Who doesn’t love a little sweet and creative treat?

Each of these items have their own flare, and when you combine them with your love story, you get memories that last a lifetime. We hope these cute and fun favors help spark your imagination and get you excited for your special day!!


The YOJ Team

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